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It is about 103 Km by car by using the National Road. About 1.5 hours driving yourself.

A recente Satelite picture of Crete, Thira and the Egeďche sea.

It is about 103 Km by car by using the National Road. About 1.5 hours driving yourself.

De Route is not difficult to find, because there are many signs along the road.
Heraklion -> Agios Nikolaos -> Pachea Ammos -> Ierapetra -> Ferma

You'll arrive in Heraklion Airport.
If you've taken your suitcases from the bend, you walk through the customs.
Behind the glass doors, outside, there is a man waiting for you with a sign with YOUR NAME on it.
He brings you to your car and gives you the keys and a road map.
If you follow the signs Agios Nikolaos. You follow the highway called New Road up to Agios Nikolaos.
After 3 Km you'll find a petrol station at your service. Open for 24 hours a day.

Driving behavior: Don't drive faster than 80 km/h. The speed limits are there for your own safety.
If somebody wants to pass you, give him space and drive over the right white line.
Be careful for sheep, cats and dogs, old ladies on donkeys, motorbikes, and narrow pieces.
Just at the first traffic lights, before Agios Nikolaos you turn to the right.
Direction Ierapetra.
In the mountains think for the maximum speed 60 km/h.
Just 1 Km after Pacheia Ammos turn to the right. Ierapetra sign!

Just arrived in Ierápetra, just after the sign Ierápetra (40) you turn left.
Here you turn into the street left.

At the first street just after the sign Ierápetra, you turn left.

just in Ierápetra, you turn left

If you left the buildings area you find the coast road.
This coast road you follow exact 10 km.
On the right side of the road you see the sign "Kakkos Bay Hotel"
Just 100 meters after this hotel you see our Apartments on the right side of the road.
The whole trip is 103 km and if you drive normal it will take you 1.5 hours to come here.


Not allowed: to cross dubble lined middles of the road.
Not allowed: egnore red traffic lights
Not allowed: wearing no safety belts
Not allowed: pass the speed limits.
Not allowed: wearing no helmet if you drive a motorcycle.
Here are more traffic controls nowadays! The prices of fines are high.

See you soon! Have a nice trip.